Our Association is composed of 18 Independent Southern Baptist Churches who have chosen to band together to do the Mission tasks we can do better together than we can do separately.

Upcoming Events

We work together to do local Missions through our Christian Ministries Center, where we help those in our communities who need a little help with food and clothing. We band together to train and respond to local disasters and other disasters, through our Alabama Baptist Disaster Relief Chaplains, Food workers, Chain Saw Teams, Ham Radio, and other needed ministries. We provide vital education, training, mission education, and so many other ministries through our support of the Cooperative Program. We help each other in our support of the Association and the C.M.C. We look forward to serving you as we serve others in our 18 local churches where we exist to share the Love of Christ to the Whole World. Join us in one of our local churches and grow with us.

Executive Board Meeting January 22nd at 6:30 p.m. at the Association Office